Celtic Rap!

Yesterday in Humanities we were learning about the Celts first coming to Britain and the start of the Iron Age! We researched into the Celts using the internet and found out some very interesting (and gory) facts. Our research led us to find the ‘Horrible Histories’ video of two rapping Celts, boasting about all the things they had done. We decided to use our new knowledge of the Celts to write our own rap!

Here it is (the lyrics are below):


I’m the Celt king, the strongest one,

Don’t need armour for a battle to be won!

When we’re in battle, we’re painted blue.

Don’t even try to mess  with my crew.

Heads hang down from our belts,

You’re the losers and we’re the Celts!


  1. Zak says:

    It was a fun time.

  2. Charlotte's Mummy says:

    fantastic rapping, better than horrible histories!!

    1. mrphillips says:

      I agree! Ours is certainly better.

  3. Isaac says:

    Year 3 class Celtic rap was fun. Which was class was the best 3P or 3D?

    1. mrphillips says:

      Well of course I would say 3P (but I’m a little biased) 🙂

  4. liaml says:

    I say what Zak says,I know a fact about kelts!

  5. ella says:

    i have to agree it was a fun time i would love to learn another rap like literacy raps or something else

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